My research centers on community-based and grassroots activism, and the legacies of gender- and race-based discrimination.  Ancillary topics include civic engagement strategies, ethical redevelopment and urban life, visual and art-based methodologies, community health and wellbeing, and the impact of social practice art on movement-building.

As a cultural anthropologist, my passion is people.  How do we make sense of and change the conditions of our lives?  I investigate what shapes our decisions, the structures we live in and how we create connections across our differences.  Below are some of the many topics that I have researched as an academic, as an independent ethnographer and as research director at Ethnologica.

Social movements and social change

Transnational feminism; queer theory; gender and sexuality

Indigenous and grassroots social movements

Media and human rights advocacy

Cross-racial and cross-gender activism

NGOs and civil society

Political imaginaries and nationalism

Access to public education

Health and wellness

Gender-based and intimate partner violence

Health disparities; health system reform; access to health care

Traditional and indigenous healing systems

Environmental stewardship

Embodiment and bodies


Socially engaged art platforms

Visual politics of violence


Museum, exhibition and archival practices

Research Methods

Youth-centered research

Participatory action research

Arts-based and visual methods; photo voice and photo elicitation

Phenomenological/sensorial methodologies

Ethnographic fieldwork