As a cultural anthropologist, my passion is people.  How do we make sense of and change the conditions of our lives?  I investigate what shapes our decisions, the structures we live in and how we create connections across our differences.  Below are some of the many topics that I have researched as an academic, as an independent ethnographer and as director of community research at Ethnologica.

Social movements and social change

Indigenous and grassroots social movements

Media and human rights advocacy

Cross-racial and cross-gender activism

Transnational feminism; queer theory; gender and sexuality

NGOs and civil society

Political imaginaries and nationalism

Access to public education

Health and wellness

Gender-based and intimate partner violence

Health disparities, health system reform and access to health care

Traditional and indigenous healing systems

Environmental stewardship

Embodiment and bodies


Socially engaged art platforms

Visual politics of violence


Museum, exhibition and archival practices

Research Methods

Youth-centered research

Participatory action research

Arts-based and visual methods; photo voice and photo elicitation

Phenomenological/sensorial methodologies

Ethnographic fieldwork